Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Bit too Bookish

I might have a literacy problem, the problem being that I read too much.

I've got four books I'm reading right now. Lest you think that's excessive, that doesn't count another book I've been reading with the family and another book I read in one sitting yesterday when the rest if the family thought I was taking a nap.

I've taken to sneaking books into the bathroom. I have certain books hidden around the house so that no matter where I happen to collapse, there us reading material readily available. There are even DIVE cartons if books in the Harry Pitter under the stairs, but the only reason I'm not in there reading now is that there are ants in there and it's a bit dark.

I confess to reading three types of books right now. I'm not talking genre. I'll show you.

Books meant to incite learning. The Song of Roland and The Silmarillion fit in that category. Books that I know I should read from a cultural literacy standpoint, but books that I don't quite fit into yet because I haven't read them a dozen times already.

Comfort books. Terry Pratchett's Moving Pictures is the one I've got right now. Old, familiar books that act like mental grease to help me through the others. New books by familiar authors also fits this bill; thus the E.W. Hildick book, The Snowbound Spy, which I read at one sitting.

Whim books. 1066 and All That. Thought it looked good at the thrift store. Too good to put on the shelf unread.

I'm beginning to worry myself, though. I'm using books as bookmarks, which Pratchett rightly regards as a worrying sign.

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