Sunday, January 9, 2011

God's Thoughts

An inkling, perhaps, of the knowledge of God this evening.

Not that I'm in that league. Or even in the bush league of that league. Or the Little League of that league. But perhaps I'm smart enough to know where possibly the games are being played.

God, in the pre-existence, promised we could attain his level of knowledge and wisdom. He presented a plan, in which we would continue on our road towards that goal, but go through a period of time when the knowledge we had gained up until then would be hidden for a time, and we'd have to start anew.

Why is that? Why would we have to start again, especially in an environment where we're prone to making mistakes and prone, in many instances to not knowing we've even made the mistake until we've gone down that path for a bit. We're here to learn, we're told. We're to learn from each other, from our own mistakes, but mostly from each other because -- why? Are not the gods solitary creatures, going on in their own little corners of the mulitverse, creating what they will create, sending out their own little minions to perpetuate the cycle. Or are we to cooperate with each other, not to have walled gardens between each creative area, each creative impulse, each creative genius?

And of course we won't talk of minions, either.

"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details," Albert Einstein famously said.

I, too, want to know god's thoughts. We know some of them -- and ignore most of them because they're easily dismissed as mythology or fit for obedience by someone else.

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