Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Their Hearts Run Cold, 10,000 Words

These first ten thousand words have been slower in coming. I won’t say they’re better quality, because, as I wrote them and as I re-read my first 80,000 over the Christmas break, I noted among the good quite a bit that needs fixing.

No matter. What matters in this exercise is that I continue to get words on paper so that, eventually, I can filter out the crap and find the really good stuff.

And it’s fun.

I read an essay earlier this week in which the author said that he always questioned when someone told him that learning was fun whether they were learning or had ever had fun before. Well, I’m learning here and having fun at the same time. I’m not Shakespeare, by any stretch of the concept, but that I’ve put together 90,000 words in a story is pretty significant to me, the guy who has started many a novel but never gotten beyond the firat 10,000 words before. So I’m happy.

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