Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pink Bunny Pajamas on MSNBC

Here's my buddy and co-conspirator at Uncharted, Andrew Clark, being interviewed by MSNBC about his Pink Bunny Pajamas business.

The story is a pretty interesting one. MSNBC interviewed two people, Andrew being one of them. The other, whose name I forget, is the guy who bought the Christmas Story house in Cleveland and turned it into a business/museum.

The story focuses on how each of these entrepreneurs approached Warner Brothers for licensing. The house guy did -- as he should, since he's using the title of the film and images of the actors throughout his enterprise. Andrew didn't, arguing -- apparently successfully -- that you can't patent or trademark a pink bunny suit, nor necessarily the name "Aunt Clara's Creations." I'm with him on the former, but on the latter, I think he's skirting the intent of the law a bit. But as long as he believes he's got good legal standing, and as long as Warner Brothers doesn't get too aggressive, perhaps he'll be okay. I certainly wish him the best, seeing as I have a set of his pink bunny pajamas as well.

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