Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blurtin' Alice Otterloop

Copyrighted, of course, but used under Fair Use doctrine for commentary purposes.

She screams and waves her arms and then
with bugging eyes and hair aflame
She decries the puppy-laden foe
of bucket-headed mein:

“I'll overlook his bucketheadedness
if the puppy with drooping tongue I see,
unless of course, that bucket head
says something stupid to annoy me!”

Then while Mom scrubs at the dish
little Alice clamps her mouth and 'oop's
Mom rolls her eyes and mutters:
“It's just Blurtin' Alice Otterloop.”

Don't know why I wrote this little poem, but it was fun. I've enjoyed these past few Cul de Sac strips, given that as a kid and now I am a bucket head. I've been on the end of such blurted wrath.

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