Friday, January 7, 2011

Through the Hole

NOTE: Here's a bit of poetry I wrote when I was a pup.

though the hole see the sky
past the green see the flat
yellowed field smooth patch and rippled kentucky blue

browned with cold freezer burnt
watch the road white ice black
sunning cat - fence sitting fatly - peering through

peering through swatches green
not be seen, dare reveal
hiding place: juniper canopy at corner house

through the hole see the sky
hop to branch prepare to fly
stretch the wings: small brown and drab but flying still

know the air hello the breeze
wan yellow sun bare leafless trees
winter now, but soon to come the smiling spring

latch to branch whistle song
as the cat pouts below
scan the field across the street for succulents

push the branch let it go
magic arms and fanning tail
no leap of faith as sparrow glides to field below

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