Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tonight's Nonsequitur: Debating Doughnuts

Debating Doughnuts

Well, don’t you think Q is a neat letter? It’s like an O with a handle. They’ve got to be pretty portable, those Q’s. I’ll bet if they grew on trees the little hook would stick to your coat like burrs or Velcro.

Why don’t they make doughnuts in the shape of a Q instead of an O? You’d get more doughnut and if they used the doughnut hole for the tail they wouldn’t have to sell those sad boxes filled with doughnut holes. You know. The boxes look like caskets with all these little sugar-coated bodies inside. And humans eat them.

I think someone tried to make doughnuts that looked like Q’s but they got too excited and invented the pretzel. Then they put huge chunks of rock salt on them. They still have the holes, which they turn into billiard balls.

Sometimes humans just go too far.

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