Monday, January 3, 2011

Students!? AAACK!

My pretend career as an online adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University-Idaho may suddenly not be so pretend any more.

Casually, earlier this afternoon I checked into my course list to see if the student count – at zero for more than a month now – was changed. It indeed was: I now have two students.

I don’t remember how to get into my course.

I may have written my passwords down somewhere, but I can’t be sure.

Class starts Wednesday.

Oh, I’ll get it all pulled together. Still, it would have been nice to have had the weekend to get mentally prepared for all of this, rather than finding out about it on Monday. Afternoon.

Still, I have to wonder: Will they let me teach two measly students? Will they pull the plug on my section? Or will more students, then more, then more again, keep adding until, kaboom, I’m teaching? Only time – the next 48 hours – will tell.

This is good news. A feather in my cap. I’ve been wanting to teach, you know; that’s why I applied for the job as an online instructor. This is going to take me out of my comfort zone. But that’s okay. I need that. Been too complacent as of yet.

I haven’t read the textbook fully yet. Yikes.

Double yikes.

Maybe if I confess to my students that I’m a fraud, they’ll take it easy on me. Or just maybe I can use this as a learning experience – in addition to a way to earn $2,500 – and make myself a better human being. I was just praying for that over the weekend. So here goes. Thooick!

  • I now have three students
  • I can't access the file I need to update my instructor bio or anything else
  • I have sent messages for help
  • We'll see what the next 24 hours bring

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