Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TIIIMMMBERRRRR! Or, Again, No Teachee, Part II

So, once again I’m not teaching this semester.

I’m a little disappointed, but not necessarily surprised. As of today, there are only six students in the course, and it doesn’t make economic sense to have one instructor for six students.


But I’m learnding.

This time, even with the section shut down, I’m not going to sit and do nothing. I’ll get my material ready for next semester, I’ll finish reading the text – a couple of times – and then when I do get to teach, I’ll be better prepared.

Still, I was looking forward to it. I have other things I can do as a challenge – I’m working, or supposed to be working, on a grant proposal for the school district, to hopefully get them new playground equipment. I’m looking at a mid-February deadline for that, at least for one grant I’m looking at for them. So I can concentrate on that.

Still, I was looking forward to it.

And that cancels out the items I was planning on with the extra money – tuition for Michelle, a load of logs from Yellowstone Log Homes, a light bulb for the attic, new lawn chairs . . .

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