Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancel the Red Alert

Well, it appears the powers that be have got the problem resolved. Sort of. Or at least it's in the process.

My poor stressed-out students, bound and determined to go to their physical classroom, can do so. I never did get a clear explanation on why there was this mix-up with my classes, but at least it's being resolved now.

Part of the mystery unfolded tonight: Got an e-mail from my teaching group leader who said there are only five of us FDENG 101 teachers left. That explains why I got a course this semester -- there was no one else to give it to.

I have to wonder, though, when they were going to communicate that fact with me. If I hadn't been on the ball with it all, they'd have assigned a classroom of students to a teacher who just wasn't there . . .

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