Monday, April 11, 2011

. . . Et Il se Casse le Guele

Once again, I am a teacher without students. I don’t mind saying it’s frustrating (given this) that with three semesters now passed I still have yet to teach at BYU-Idaho.

So as I play some German music in the background (because it is introspective and I want to introspect) I have to wonder: Am I doing something wrong? As far as that navel-contemplation goes, I think I am only guilty of the sin of inexperience. If there were something in my background that would put the mark on my face, I would have assumed I would have not been invited through instructor training or been shown the virtual door. But I’m still in the system, studentless, adrift, and bereft of any hope that I might be invited to teach any time soon.

I had high hopes a few months ago when I got the e-mail asking teachers to sign up for additional sections because they anticipated demand would be higher this semester. Then a bunch of the instructor sin line ahead of me also signed up for additional sections and I couldn’t even catch a trickle. I begin to get the feeling I can’t even catch a cold in this fashion.

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