Thursday, April 21, 2011

FDENG 101: Introductory Week

The first week of teaching FDENG101 is nearly over, and I’ve got some anxieties.

As of 11 am today, five students still haven’t checked into the course. I have e-mailed them, on the assumption that these Milennials are hard-wired to their computers and know instinctively without even having to check that they’ve got e-mail. Then again, many of these Milennials are so past e-mail as yesterday’s news. Maybe I need to text them? I may have to call them, though that seems a bit creepy and weird. “Hi. I’m an adult you’ve never met before. You’re supposed to be online with me this week. What’s going on?”

Other anxieties: Are they getting the messages I’m sending? I’ve used e-mail. I’ve used the announcement board. I’ve shown that I’m there, involved, in the classroom. Still, have they gotten the messages on what is expected of them next week?

I’ve got one student in danger of failing already because of a computer glitch on her end. I’m trying to help her through it so she can re-take the self-evaluation and get things going on the right foot again. I’m overcommunicating, trying to get things sorted out. Trying to do the opposite, kinda, of what the online education folks did with me when this course came up. (Still, no official announcement: Hey! Bro. Davidson! You’re teaching this semester. It’s all been after the fact. Good thing I’m on the ball, right?)

Very glad I’ve got only one section this semester. I thought, two weeks ago, two sections? Piece o’ cake. Not this week. Not that I’m overworked. Just a little overwhelmed. Shepherding 25 students (24, if the drop I’ve heard about goes through) will be challenge enough.

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