Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shadow Behind

NOTE: Just a poem about a late evening walk. Have a nice day.

Proper night sounds:
Rain Bird sprinkler kicking
crickets telling the temperature
whispers of far away traffic
crunch of roadside gravel
mousy rustlings in the ditches
and vacant lots
Proper night smells:
hot dust and oil from the road
mixed with lofting lilac
purple stinkweed flower
mark skunklike the air
wet gravel
leftover smoke from charcoal briquettes
and something odd
watermelon mixed with auto exhaust
Proper night sights:
Cat's eyes
round in the flashlight
a good rock to kick
whitewashed moon and stars
Security light
obscure the heavens
warding off evil-doers from
and the Big Bear
Not even starlight
may shine through key-holes
Wet feet walk
lanky shadow behind

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