Friday, April 15, 2011

Snapping My Underwear

This just doesn't bode well.

When this week started, I had no classes to teach at BYU-Idaho. Midweek, I had two. Now, I'm just not sure, and I'm starting to get a small collection of emails form confused students who aren't so sure either.

Part of our "preflight checklist" in getting ready for our courses to begin includes sending an email to our students, introducing the course and letting them know what to expect. Thusfar, I've received four replies from some gently confused students who were convinced they'd signed up for a classroom version of this English course.

So confusion reigns.

I've contacted the powers that be to find out what's supposed to be going on, and, as a precaution, told these students that they should attend their physical classroom unless they hear otherwise.

This makes me nervous, because of the possibility that I'm going to wind up with a classroom full of disgruntled students who were counting on a physical classroom but have instead been shunted into an online course. Not that an online course is all that bad -- but it's not what they were expecting. Not what I'm expecting either -- I don't think it's fair to my students or me to suddenly plop them into an online course without letting them know. I hope that hasn't happened, and that we're just dealing with crossed wires in the registration system.

I've emailed the teacher they say they're supposed to have, so she can help deshambleize.

But I'm going to be doing some nail-biting over the weekend, nonetheless.

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