Friday, April 22, 2011

Theories on Property

 My brother Randy and I have a theory: Dad did many things to increase the value of property he owned, but one of the most important things he did -- at least in his eyes, we assume -- was to increase the sheer weight of said property, thus increasing its value. That, we figured, was the only way to explain why all of those landscaping rocks came home from Kilgore, all those buckets of nails and screws came to be underneath the work bench, how all those old trucks and Jeeps kept showing up, and why Dad was fascinated with building shed after outbuilding and yurt and such.

So with Mom actively giving away her stuff -- which is her right, it's her stuff'; she can do with it what she likes -- we have to wonder what Dad thinks about his property getting lighter now. Probably not worried, because his kids' properties are getting heavier with each visit. We teased her earlier this week that one of these days we'd come to visit her and see her sitting in a room bare of everything but her TV, her recliner, and, of course, the cats. That's Monkey inside, with Klinker in the windowsill outside.

(Also, folks, this is yet another example of what you're missing by not checking out My Kids Refrigerator blog. Go there. Enjoy it.)

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