Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paint My House

So, maybe this is a dumb thing to do. I mean, there are probably ordinances in Sugar City against this kind of thing. But you know what? I’d do it if the right advertiser were involved.

Do what, you may ask? Well, this.

Yes, I’d turn my house into a billboard for three months, or a year, in order to have this company – desperate, it seems, for media exposure – pay my mortgage for the time my house was a billboard.

Desperate, you say?

Hopeful, I’d retort.

We could use that money for some other projects – notably replacing windows on said house and remodeling the kitchen. A year’s worth of mortgage payments is $7,200 in our neck of the woods. Even if we took some of that cash and made extra principal payments, we’d come out ahead. Yeah, the neighbors would have to put up with a billboard in town for three months to a year, but it wouldn’t be an obtrusive billboard – most of the front of our house is brick, you see. That may work contrary to my hopeful whim to be chosen, but you never know.

Besides, we need the house painted anyway. Why not get paid a year for a wacky job, then go stucco, like we’re thinking?

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