Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes, More About the Teaching Gig. It's Doubled.

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When I got out of bed Wednesday morning, it was to the realization that I have less than a week to get ready to teach a section of English at BYU-Idaho.

When I went to bed Wednesday night, it was to the realization that I have less than a week to get ready to teach two sections of English at BYU-Idaho.

My eyes kinda popped out when I opened my virtual classroom and saw 49 students there in two sections, rather than the 25 in one section I’d seen earlier in the day. I’m not complaining – I may as well jump into this with both feet – and the money and experience are certainly welcome.

I’m just a little concerned about the schizophrenic nature of the online BYU-I community at the moment. What will I find when I go into the classroom tonight – and worse yet, what will I find when class begins on Tuesday?

Thankfully I’ve got all day Friday to sort things out, get things polished and spend some time myself exploring the classroom which, like a physical classroom in an old building, has all sorts of odd little crannies where you find unexpected things. Like the chat room. I know we had one in Blackboard when I was taking courses at Utah State, but we never used it. It’s linked directly to the option for signing up to lead a discussion – but there are no instructions there for the students, or for me for that matter, as to why they have to sign up for a discussion there. The syllabus is vague, as is the schedule. I’ll have to poke around and tear things apart and ask lots and lots and lots of questions before all of this is cleared up.

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