Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Those who lean to the left are having a field day with these tax day tea parties. Yes, I mean their joy in connecting the word (and concept) of teabagging to a conservative protest. I havent' seen news people have this much fun with a word since they got to repeatedly use the word penis in connection with Lorena Bobbitt.

Their glee is asinine and pitifully juvenile. How can the party that so loquaciously speaks of (and fawningly covers) gay rights protests, million men marches, G-20 protests and the like with avuncular objectivity sink into middle school when it comes to fixating on a word that the tea party groups aren't really even using to describe their protests? I think this is, again, evidence that the left enjoy their power in the media and on the Internet and don't mind making the other guy look childish. You can bet that if conservative media were to call gay rights protests anything as uncomplimentary as teabagging is to the tax day protests, the left would be livid.

As it is, their behavior, and tittering over this word, demonstrates that while the Reublicans may be the Party of No, the Democrats are the Party of Middle School.

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