Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The, well, I’m not sure what to call them. The anti-tax people. The anti-government bailout people. The conservative protesters who are going to see their protests dovetail with activists hoping to legalize marijuana so the drug can be taxed and fix everybody’s economic problems. Those guys. They picked a very snowy, rainy day to have their protest in Idaho Falls.

It’s not that I don’t mind activism, or object to free speech. I just think the picketing demonstration is so clichéd now as to be utterly useless as a form of change. The civil rights movement was able to enact social change though protests because of the time in which they were held and with the novelty of their approach. We now practically have million-man-marches every year on everything from gay marriage rights to anti-tax. We’re bored by protests and pickets. The only way they get on the news is if local media does some one-minute blurb or if, as with the G-20 summits, the picketers are anarchists who wear bandannas over their faces and assault police vehicles and storefront windows.

I feel the same way about lobbying. Hey, look at me, I’m a lobbyist. I have money. You have votes. Let us meet and make this A Better World ® for everyone! Everyone? Really. Not really.

I also feel the same way about blogging. Who reads this crap anyway?

Anyway. I wish the picketers luck today. They’ll get on the news tonight, in the paper tomorrow. And nothing will come of it.

Now, if I were to protest something, these would be my Top 5:

5) People who insist on calling children “crotchfruit.”
4) Silver-white winters that instead of melting into spring cling to power like some depraved dowager empress with her wig askew and makeup all over her bloated face.
3) The John Tesh Radio Show.
2) Warts.
1) Furniture stores that are perpetually “Going Out of Business.”

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