Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey, Apple Geniuses, Part Two

I've written here before how even thought I like my iPod Touch because of its PDA qualities, as a music player it leaves a bit to be desired. Last night on the way home from work, I ran into another reason to reinforce my feeling.

I have three albums on my Touch that are called "Greatest Hits." Yes, they are Wuss Rock greatest hits: Dan Fogelberg, Anne Murray and Seals and Crofts; I make no apologies for my tastes in music. Decided I wanted to listen to Anne Murray on the way home. So I opened up the Anne Murray Greatest Hits Album and let it play way. One song played. Then I get Dan Fogelburg. Wait a second, I said. Maybe this thing's on shuffle. No. Nested inside my Greatest Hit album were songs from the Fobelburg and Seals and Crofts greatest hits albums as well.

Why, I have to ask. It's got to be something in the coding for the Touch, because my regular iPod does not mix albums in this way. But why make the coding for one player different than the other? Mystery upon mystery.

Any explanation, Apple?

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