Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mr. Constellation

I've bragged up Lexie's artistic prowess on this blog. Now it's Liam's turn to shine. About a year ago, I found a copy of H. A. Rey's Stars: A New Way to See Them, at Deseret Industries, thinking that Liam might get a kick out of studying the constellations. Boy was I ever right. He has worn that book out, studying the pictures therein. He's even created a few constellations of his own, as you can see here.

I particularly like the constellation Ormer, upper right. He looks as if he has an industrial strength Swiss Army Knife that has exploded in his hands. Whatever celestial terrors come his way to torment him, he's prepared.

I remember doing exactly the same thing when I was a kid. I'd sit in class, assignments done, in the quiet while others were working on their lessons. Some times I'd read. Other times, I'd get out a piece of paper, speckle it with random dots and then connect them in all sorts of fantastic constellations. Then I'd draw little space ships and plot routes for them through the stars. Happy times.

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