Thursday, April 9, 2009

Leave Bilbo's House Alone!

To the City of Idaho Falls: Do what you want with the D Street underpass. Just don't ruin Bilbo's house.

For the vast majority who do not know, D Street in Idaho Falls passes under the Union Pacific Railroad, using an underpass that was built in 1910 (it was installed because horses didn't like crossing the railroad tracks). Because the crossing went below grade to get under the tracks, the city and railroad had to provide for a pump to keep the underpass dry. They housed the pump in this little castle-like building next to the underpass. The underpass was long ago connected to the city storm drains, so the pump and the pumphouse have been idle. But, to me, it's a landmark, and not just because my brother Jeff told me that's where Bilbo Baggins lived. I believed him. Oh, how I believed him. To this day, I can conjure up the picture my seven-year-old mind created of Bilbo inside the little structure, pumping at a water pump so he could have his afternoon tea. (Yes, the Rankin-Bass Bilbo, since I was a big fan (still am, actually) of the cartoon.)

So I'll say it now: Leave Bilbo's House Alone.

Mr. Spock wants you to leave it alone, too. If you don't he'll sing:


Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

That is way too cool!!! I about died laughing at the video. Spock singing, what a gas! I love Bilbo and the Hobbits and read those books every year for 30 years. Thanks for sharing your fun post. "Frodo Lives", "Long Live The Shire". Carol Jean

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

Oh, the Moon-Spinners. Both the book and the movie. Carol Jean