Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speaking of Things I Do Not Understand

Why do people do things like this? Ya know, I could understand it, maybe, if the leader were someone like Robert Mugabe, Pol Pot or Josef Stalin, but Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands? How can anyone hold a grudge against someone named Beatrix? If you've got issues the the idea of a monarchy, sound them out in the press or with your elected leadership (which they have in the Netherlands, by the way). Ramming your little black car into a monument in an attempt to ram the royals' open-roofed bus is not the way to contribute to public discourse.

Thing is I've been to Apeldoorn, possibly have walked past the monument this nut ran into. I'm half Dutch and have visited the Netherlands on two occasions. Though I'm not a subject, I certainly don't like to see the Dutch royal family mistreated. Nor should anyone plow over fellow citizens to get one's point across, especially if the point comes at the front end of a Mitsubishi.

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