Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At Least Somebody's Got Money to Burn. Or At Least Singe

I've written here of late of the follies I've run into trying to cahs a $3.25 refund check from a local vending machine company. (Update: I called them today and left a message re: insufficient funds. Still can't figure out why the credit union thinks it's such a huge risk to cash this check for me and let the other guy's overdraft protection kick in.)

But not everybody's in this kind of situation. Today, we received a check from our insurance company for the kingly sum of four cents -- a refund they offered because my wife likes to round her checks to the nearest dollar. Alas, they don't want to caretake this four cents on their accounts, but instead will spend the money for a stamp, envelope, accompanying letter and the labor involved in assemblage of such to send the money to us. And so it goes.

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