Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

You know, I don't even know who this guy is, but he brings a lot of truth to the table. And it's not just technology that should be making us happy every day. It's family. I have three amazing children who are talented and cute and unique, and all I can do when I get home is dread having to help my nine-year-old put his Legos away so the boys can go to bed. There's definitely something the matter with me. Everything is amazing at my house, but is anybody happy? So I need this reminder.

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carl g said...

Ok, finally watched it, so true it hurts. Our capacity for wonder is impaired. We all regret the loss of youthful innocence, but I may just regret most the loss of my own capacity for wonder. I work hard to obtain it (my restless mind and endless hobbies, infatuations). But it just gets harder to come by as you grow older.