Saturday, March 28, 2009

I STOMP on Sea Kittens

Is the same organization that brought us Sea Kittens -- a "rebranding" of fish meant to make them more appealing (as pets, not food) than furry critters like dogs and cats -- liberally killing dogs and cats in its care?

It appears so. Just read tonight that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals kills 95 percent of the animals brought to it for care, while shelters in the same area are able, on shoestring budgets, to find homes for the vast majority of the animals in their care. This is all according to PETA Kills Animals, a website dedicated to advertising PETA's affronts.

I take this with a grain of salt. Sure, PETA has its axes to grind, but in this world of no clear good guys, I'm not sure the people behind PETA Kills Animals are lily white. Part of me wants to believe the hypocrisy evident in this story if it's true, but part of me also thinks the irony factor here is a bit too high. But stranger things have happened.

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