Thursday, March 5, 2009

Attention, YouTube

To the goons at YouTube:

Dear Goons,

If, for some obscure reason, the poster of a video (be it nicked from the airwaves or ethers or slapped together by some camera-toting hack) decides to disable embedding by request, why, for the love of Mike, do you allow bloggers at useless sites like mine to embed these videos on our blogs, only to force us to display an "embedding disabled by request" error when anyone tries to click on the video? I understand why some might not want their videos embedded in another person's site. Of course, if they don't want that, should they be posting their videos to YouTube in the first place?

So here's a bit of advice. If embedding is disabled by request, you ought to disable the embedding function. Otherwise, you're just making people like me mad. But because I'm one of the "little people" now that you're an Internet phenomenon and I am, let's not be gentle about this, one of 110 million hack bloggers, why listen to me?

So get off the dime. Either allow posters to disable embedding and disable the ability to embed videos for which embedding has been disabled, or just call the whole thing off.



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