Friday, March 20, 2009

I Have Puttered

Puttering accomplished. Somewhat. The Christmas lights are down and packed away. The two (count 'em) Christmas trees are permanently stowed on a Wall of Christmastude which includes the trees, garlands, outdoor lights and a box of stuff we bought on clearance during the Stimulate the Economy Fire Sales after the New Year, and the poor, poor demented and dented deer, who were not left to themselves this season, but once again were forced into a compromising position by surly teenagers.

The shed is only partially cleaned out. But more importantly, the five-year-old is now kitted up with the next-size-up bicycle, complete with training wheels. He took it for a test drive this afternoon and reacted pretty much the same as the Yorkie I had growing up when we put his sweater on him: He didn't know he could move. In Isaac's case, he doesn't know how to steer yet, which will make for some interesting problems in the future.

I also drained the lake. We had a huge pile of snow scooped up by the city that was blocking the gutter, so Lake Davidson formed at the foot of our sidewalk. About fifteen minutes worth of work with the shovel helped drain the lake. Now all we need is Mr. Sun to do the rest of the melting, and I'll be a happy man.

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