Monday, March 2, 2009

Facebooked Out

On a whim, and because I was told to, I joined Facebook a few months ago. Like many others, I have enjoyed, to a certain extent, reconnecting with high school acquaintances (I have to call them that; I never did possess a great circle of friends in high school) and mission companions and such, but can I say that there are some Facebook aspects that are really burning me out?

It's getting to the point I almost dread opening a Facebook e-mail, because I know when I do I'll be inundated with kidnap requests, will be informed that I'm participating in a round of "Duck, Duck, Goose" or that I'm being invited to discover what "Twilight" character I most resemble. That last one is the most useless to me, as I've yet to read "Twilight," and I don't plan on it, either. (I've got about a years' worth of reading material staring me in the face from my "to read" pile right now, and "Twilight" isn't there, friends. I'm going to read about the siege of Leningrad and the unabridged "Don Quixote" before I read about teenybopper vampires.

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