Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Bad Is It Out There, Part Two

In nearly nine years of home ownership, we have almost always paid extra principal on our monthly mortgage payments. More importantly, we have never been late on a payment. Then came this month. The payment was due on March 1st. I didn't get paid until February 27th, so the payment was going to be late that month. That Tuesday, National City Mortgage called my wife to ask when the payment was coming. She, of course, told them the proverbial (and literal, in this case) check was in the mail.

So I have to ask: is National City that hard up for cash, or that nervous about how many time bombs they've got in their portfolio, that they're calling people with stellar records to hound them for payment? Don't know the reason, but obviously there is concern.

Still, in our case, it's exaggerated concern. I just pulled our credit report, and it remains blotch-free. We pay less for our mortgage than many around here pay for rent. We shouldn't have the power to mangle mortgage-lender nerves with one late-in-the-mail payment. Sign of the times we live in, I suppose.

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