Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday All You Twits

So, Twitter is five years old.

I’m probably doing it wrong, but since I’ve been on twitter for about half that time, I’ve got to wonder: What’s the big deal?

I mean, aside from all the MLM folks, the people who want to teach me social networking and how to make money and a few similarly random wannabe writers, what has my presence on Twitter gained me? Oh. Can’t forget the occasional horrible chick who thinks it’s professional to use some kind of PG-rated bum shot for her profile photo.

My most favorite tweet ever delivered by me? Came during a screening of “The Love Bug,” during which I gave a running commentary on the show:

Second to that comes the string of tweets I delivered during scripture study of all things. The tweets themselves aren’t all that memorable, but the fallout – a friend commented he thought they were funny and I got in trouble with my wife for tweeting during scriptures – was much more notable.

Now, I’m not saying Twitter isn’t a wonderful thing. Apparently, it had a role in the Egyptian uprising of a few months ago, has helped reunite family members, cured cancer, brought peace and stability to marriages and such. But it’s also been a platform for an awful lot of idiots, such as myself, so you have to take the good with the bad.

Side note: It took me almost a half hour, manually scrolling through my more than 3,000 tweets, to find these. Twitter's search function leaves much to be desired. It could find me keywords in a very narrow time line (like, right now, within a day or so) but nothing, repeat, NOTHING beyond that.

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