Saturday, March 12, 2011

Panda Bear

NOTE: Found this while searching through some old files. Kinda like it. It's a bit klunky, but I suppose the seed of something is here.

In the misty time
before the Earth was made
before mallards flew
and before rains fell to make the green
the Great God of Earth and Clouds
walked with the panda
"I've made a sphere," he said,
"Where two-leg and four-leg
feather and fur
swimmer and flier
talker and squawker
will live together
Panda smiled mischievously
brown eyes from the black
Abba, nothing whitens more my fur!
Nothing more makes the pawpads tingle
than to frolic and whimsy
with fellow folksy creatures
This sphere will we a joy,
a wonder.
Misties whipped and thunder whined
Panda, whispered, eyeing shortly
Father, what is this,
this ugly frown, the blackened spot
upon your face? Surely you must feel
exuberance at the start of this grand adventure!
"Yes my child," the Great God said, "Exuberance.
Mixed with dread.
I have created thee, and thy bretheren
to fulfill each thine measure of happiness.
But also to taste of life
and good
and evil
and to test and taste the mettle
of thy fellow creatures."
What with that from panda's pawpads
sprung quilly claws, and bony fangs
burdened the furry muzzle.
Panda cowered, shrieking, pleading,
Father, Father! I wish not to taste
of fur and blood
I cannot kill the wily creature
I will not kill my friends.
If that is to be
the choice to me,
I will choose to die.
Panda, fetal, watery eyes
vessels of feared anguish
timidly stared up at Great God.
I will not taste of feather nor flesh.
A smile parted the beard
of the Great God of Earth and Clouds,
as thunder echoed in the eyes
"Panda, I see
a test for thee
in the carnal state of flesh
Both black and white
both yin and yang
teeth of death
no flesh shall ye taste
save the sorry wooden bamboo flesh
I will provide."
In the misty time
after China was made
Giant Panda lives
with fern and mist
mid life and death
Timid creature,
both cursed and blest
jaws of a killer
claws of the beast
of bamboo and dewdrops
makes it the feast.

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