Monday, March 28, 2011

Have We Got A Video?!

Sometimes you just don’t know what you can do until you try it.

As part of our discussion on vertical integration at Uncharted (read the beginnings, well, the middlings, here; this has been a long conversation) we’re trying to figure out simple, cost-effective ways to pull all of our Uncharted webdealings together under one roof: Allowing facebook and blog postings and twitter updates to show up on the site, live, as they are posted, along with enhanced notification to site visitors when new stuff is posted so they don’t have to rely on e-mail, they can just go to their Uncharted “homepage” – not necessarily, but their own profile – and see instantly what updates their friends have posted.

Then there are the Uncharted orphans – the Institute site, our YouTube channel, and other venues. We have tried video embedding from YouTube in the past, but it never worked on our site.

Until today.

Here’s the note I just sent out:

Just had a little e-mail conversation with Michelle about integrating all sorts of fun stuff into the Uncharted website. Lamenting the fact that, in the past, we have not been able to embed YouTube videos into the site.

Then I got a wild hair. YouTube has changed its embed code a bit. Why I don't know. But apparently, for the good of Uncharted. Behold:

If this works consistently and doesn't cause the mushroom people to reappear constantly, then this is all I have to say:

Again, I don’t know why it’s suddenly working, this magic of embedding videos on our site. I never quite understood why it wouldn’t work before. But what’s important is that it seems to be working now. Once and a while, the Intertubes gods smile upon you, and toss you a bone for free.

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