Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Question

Used through the fair used doctrine for commentary purposes.

Many years ago, I read Robert Asprin’s MYTH series of books, but gave up after the one in which he shifted the narrative perspective through a series of characters in the same book.

I didn’t like the change. At all. Hearing those different voices, after books and books and books of the story from Skeeve’s perspective, just stopped the story cold for me.

Now the question:

When is it good to shift from one character’s perspective to another, when the story thusfar has been written not from an omnipresent narrator’s perspective, but from one character’s perspective?

I ask because I’m contemplating doing something radical with “Considering How to Run”/”Their Hearts Run Cold.” Here’s the rub: Up to this point, the story has been from Seth’s point of view. I’m now at a unique crossroads where the story could easily shift to Altus’ point of view and easily segue the story into another book entirely. That would mean combining the two proto-novels I’ve got now into one, and then doing a major refocus in the second installment, all from Altus’ point of view.

Truth be told I’ve contemplated simply combining the two novels for now, so that part of the shift isn’t all that scary. The shift in narrative perspective, however, is daunting.

I’m about to take that proverbial leap through the Guardian’s portal and into that other world. Thoughts?

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