Saturday, March 19, 2011


Okay, so the so-called Supermoon is a little bit underwhelming. But you know what? It gave me the excuse to take Michelle's tripod outside and try my hand at some nighttime photography.

Yes, I know I'm light years (ha!) away from being any good at this, but for a boob who has only a rudimentary idea of how photography works, let alone toying with the thought of taking photos in difficult situations, I'm pretty pleased with the result you see here.

I learned a little bit about metering (hear that, Alan? some of your teachings have sunk in!) and read a bit more about ISO and shutter speeds and the adjustments thereof. I'm still going to have to do lots of work on this, but I think maybe I'm not too far gone to give up hope.

I know this is a crappy photo, but I can at least point out a few things that make me like it. The tree is almost in focus, and I like the onion-style concentric rings around the hazy moon -- did I mention it was a bit hazy when I took these photos?

Here's another one, kinda artsy-fartsy. I think it's not too bad.

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