Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Genius Wife

She probably won’t brag on herself – and I might get pummeled for posting this – but I’d like people to know just how intelligent my wife is.

A few weeks ago, the head of the technical writing online program at Utah State University emailed her to ask how she’s paying the tuition in the masters degree program she’s in. She emailed back, reporting that she’s essentially paying for it herself.

Then yesterday she got word that she’s been awarded a $1,500 New Century Graduate Writing Fellowship from the English Department’s Graduate Advisory Committee. That’ll pay a significant portion of a full semester’s worth of courses, saving us a bit of money and helping her keep going in her coursework. They mentioned she got the award due to her 4.0 GPA, continued progress in completing the coursework and the fact that she’s paying for her education herself.

I’m so very proud of her I could just pop. I told her when she got into the program a year ago that I knew she’d do better than I, as she’s the better student. I’ve not been wrong in this instance.

To put in a plug for the university on this fellowship:

The money comes from royalties retired USU professor Christine Hult gets on “The New Century Handbook,” a textbook on online writing she co-wrote. I’ve not read the book, but given this award, I’m sure we’ll have to get a copy in the house now. A used one, as the fellowship will only go so far.

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