Friday, March 25, 2011

Rhymed Couplets on A Yellow Legal Pad

NOTE: Found this old poem today. It's not so bad.

We came today to sit at tables
discussing what and who is ables
to push the paper or chair the thing
to pull the bull by the bright brass ring

Man with the tie and shiny head
talked and talked 'till my eyes were red
we open folder and write down notes
I cross me eyes as me bladder floats

We hem and we haw and agenda oodles
I fill three pages with cubes and doodles
Something said in my direction
slid on by without detection

The thing was said to me once more
while I bobbed my head, tried not to snore
but by bobbing, I express comprehension
though in reality I lost all attention

So then, Bill, the chairthing burbled
praytell share this problem's hurdles
So me, Bill, sweating, rubbed my neck
empty-headed, but what the heck

They pause to hear my thought sprofound
while I tap my feets upon the ground
Throats are cleared and eyes are rivited
while the frog in my throat deeply ribbited

Well, said I, stood, shuffling papers
clearly where the budget tapers
is where we ought to smack this beast
and our phantom profits will be released

The room was quiet, the room was still,
the chairthing said, well, thank you Bill
we'll take your thoughts into consideration
and forgive you of this abomination

The room not still, was full of titters
smiling faces and gobs of whispers
Cruelly mocked, my fates decry
blushing redly, zipped the fly.

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