Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Concentrated Cranial Juice

The Uncharted retreat is winding down, and the best part is that my writing workshop is over.

Okay, that's the second best part. I guess the best part is that we're facing some tough questions but instead of pointing blame or shrugging them off, we're addressing them.

Can't reveal any big secrets, of course, because I'm not the official Uncharted spokesbeing. I can reveal, however, that we're working on a project to make our website better.

Probably the best thign that's come out of our work thusfar, however, is that we've grown beyond our website -- which is a good thing, given that it's partially broken at the moment. So what if the site is partially broken? We're working on a contingency to get around that, whether or not we get the site fixed this week. We're hoping for that, but in the future we're going to have a plan to be able to post content and keep our community active with or without the main site.

The big problem we run into, of course, is money, or specifically the lack of it. That's one of the reasons I'm trying to get into BYU-Idaho to teach an online course or two, so I've got a little cash to throw Uncharted's way. I can't do that with my regular paycheck because of the obligations we've got, but if I could bring in some extra money, well, that could be more flexible.

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