Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the Oath . . .

Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., and Barack Obama probably should have practised this a few times before doing it live, as they flubbed the opening a bit. But because of all those right-wingers with the tinfoil hats on out there, practising probably would not have been a good idea.

(Added at 2:18 pm)

A LOT of people are parsing this. Depending on whom you read, it's either that Obama was rushing into the oath, not waiting for John Roberts to finish the phrases Obama was to repeat, or, as Emily Yoffe at Slate.com writes, that Roberts decided to proceed without having the oath in written form in front of him, flubbed it, leaving Obama to pause, waiting for Roberts to correct his flubs. I think it was just nerves showing for both men.
Added 10:12 am Thursday, Jan. 22)
So he took the oath again. Not that it matters Constitutionally, since the new guy becomes president whether the oath is administered or not. But for the appearance of things -- and to combat the legions from the tinfoil hat brigade -- I suppose his decision was a wise one.

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