Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's A Simple Wish

It can't be that hard. But, apparently, it is.

I have one wish, and that is to find a mechanic in the Rexburg area whom we are comfortable doing business with. This goes beyond being able to trust them, as there are many, I'm sure, who do competent work. But when my wife gets her head chewed off my a mechanic because she dares suggest that a van that won't start might possibly have a connection to work they did earlier this week on the serpentine belt, I choose to send my business elsewhere.

It was, I thought, an innocent question. Maybe something didn't get hooked up right. What I thought was more likely, however, is that the battery just chose this coincidental time to die. We've had the van for several years now, and have never replaced the battery. But a connection to the earlier repair was not entirely out of the question.

So we're back to visiting the one mechanic we trust, whose shop just happens to be 30 miles away. It's not convenient, but I do like it when I call that they do not scream at us at the suggestion their work might not have been up to par. They calmly point out what's possible, and what's likely. In a very nice way. Not condescending. Not screaming. They make one mof my least favorite activities -- dealing with balky autos -- actually somewhat pleasant.

So here's a commercial for Iona, Idaho's Larsen Repair. Quite possibly the best -- and nicest -- mechanics around.

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