Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That Third Thing

Remember my laments about the microwave and the van? Today, it was the water heater's turn. Water wasnt' exactly gushing out of the temperature/pressure valve, but it wasn't just a drip, either. So we call the plumber who installed the thing, we thought about five or six years ago. They come. They have no record of us in their system. But every indication the guy sees convinces him they did the work. They're reluctant to do warranty work without proof, but decide to do it anyway, to be nice. Then Michelle finds their name in a check register from 2004, and talks again with the gal at the plumbing office. Turns out we were in the system, just under my name, not Michelle's. They fix the water heater. It's still under warranty. I'm pleased with thatl. Then give a schpeil on how we can "save" money through installing a $4,000 soft water system. Guess they have to try to pay for those warranty repairs somehow.

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