Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blogs And Punishment

Saturday was starting out so well. And then our oldest said he didn't want the waffles his mother was cooking for breakfast. Went downhill from there rather quickly. Now I'm in the oldest's bedroom watching him work on the gigantic pile of chores he was handed on lieu of the breakfast he didn't want and is now assuredly not going to get. While my breakfast is getting cold. I'm the chore supervisor, which is fine because the mood his mother is in right now will likely lead to an infanticide if he so much as twitches out of line.

I'm just not sure sonny boy here understands how much he upset the delicate familial social fabric, already strained by other events this week, with his anti-waffle tirade this morning. Mom definitely gets to go see "The Secret Life of Bees" this afternoon, without any kids in tow.

I do now know, however, what Bill Cosby meant when he said he was happy on those occasions when his wife met him at the door mid-conniption only to discover "he was not the one she was looking like that about."

Hopefully, things return to something more resembling normal later today. Or else life as we know it may not continue.

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