Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Ponderin'

Funny thing, how ideas come around and go around.

Back in the day (early to late 1940s, I believe) British author C.S. Lewis took his collection of books and papers -- which amounted to quite a pile -- to the library at Cambridge, figuring that if he wanted to read a book, he could go to the library and borrow it. Having the stuff stored and cared for at the library meant he didn't have to do any of it himself. The information was at a place where he could go practically any time he wanted.

So today we have the Internet. Right now I'm watching an episode of "Last of the Summer Wine" on YouTube, without having to buy it. Seems odd. What C.S. Lewis did as a benefit to others, what I'm doing now is a detriment -- taking money from someone else. I am scum.

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