Monday, January 5, 2009

Knowing What I Know Now

This itouch (or as the snobbier Mac purists insist on calling it, the iPod Touch - though it's clear they can't yet agree on capitalization) could grow on me -- however, it does have one flaw. The wi-fi. Well, the wi-fi works fine, no question. But considering that I work in a rural area where the Department of Energy has made significant investments in fiber optics, I have no wi-fi options for the three hours I use to commute to work every day. Of course, the itouch is more than Internet access, but for the other primary feature -- music -- I already have that trusty ipod that's already beat up enough for the bus. And the laptop, though heavier than this thing, is handier for text processing and movies. I'm not ungrateful for the itouch by any means, it's just that I'm typically a little slower than most to see the utility of such things.

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