Friday, January 2, 2009

Sunrise over Ballerina

Originally, I had planned to use this drawing, "Sunrise over Ballerina," by Lexie, age 6, as either the last entry of 2008 or the first entry of 2009, but circumstances conspired against us and that entry did not take place in the timing I had hoped. So here it is now, Jan. 2nd. I still think it's a cute picture.

I have to make this entry a quick one. I've got a small bucket of grout curing upstairs as I type, and in about six minutes I have to head upstairs to apply it to the final joints in the bathroom. This morning, I completed installing the toilet and re-hung the doors. Neither needed an adjustment, which was my greatest fear, since I have no tools with which to adjust them. I'm thrilled with how the bathroom looks. It looks so much cleaner than with the old floor and cabinet.

I am fighting leaks, just like Richard Nixon, however. That's the trouble with plumbing, especially sink drains. Everything is all nice and happy with the old setup, but when you have to dismantle it to fix it or, as in this case, replace everything, there are always leaks. I hate them. I may have conquered them this morning, but I can't be sure. I go by the old Davidson Leak Test: Put a towel under the offending spots and tighten everything until the towel remains dry for at least six hours. Of course, with the nature of leaks, even this test is not foolproof, as I have had things look copacetic (damn James Michener for bringing that word back into my vocabulary) for a day or two and then suddenly it's Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel.

Well, the grout calls. Gotta go.

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