Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comix Honesty

I many ways, I love Wally, and how he allows his environment to fuel his innocent, yet anti-social tendencies. He may in fact be the most honest comic strip character ever conceived. I suppose if he had any love for humanity at all he could temper his actions, but then he wouldn’t be as entertaining a character. Most of us would rather be like Wally, but most of us still retain a tiny spark that says, once and a while, we should refrain from doing something that annoys or disenfranchises others. Still, some days it would be nice to be Wally.

Or, perhaps, even nicer to be the CEO, because while some of us have that tiny spark, and while Wally may have nearly snuffed it entirely, it’s quite possible that these guys never had it to begin with.

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