Sunday, January 11, 2009

Interesting Transition

With the itouch now working properly, we now have four devices in the house capable of accessing the Internet and for gaming - though I do not have any games yet for the itouch. Right now, three of the four devices are in use- I'm doing another boring blog entry while the kids are downstairs playing Sim City and Lego Indiana Jones. A while ago, Michelle was chatting with Alan via Facebook, and I was on Sim City. What's interesting is that when I was growing up, TV was the big thing, and we had a good corner of the best room in the house dedicated to it. I'm now contemplating how we could turn the family room downstairs - home to the big screen TV - into the computer room, by moving the TV into the study, making it the TV room. Simply put, we don't have enough room in the study for all the activities that take place there. And besides that, the study carpet is an ugly orange shag. We're getting rid of it this year.

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