Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Learnding

The most exciting aspect about the publications management class I'm taking this semester is that I get to take it in conjunction with a practical application of the theory -- Uncharted is working on a book. Alan, of course, is the undisputed master of the book, it's his pet project and I'm all for that. I'm not much in the leadership department anyway, so I don't mind that he's in charge.

But I plan on keeping my ears and eyes open as I take this class, so I can use what I'm learning as we work on the book. I just wish we weren't on such a protracted schedule -- for copyright reasons, we have to have the book published -- published, mind you -- by Jan. 20. I don't know that we can do that and get a quality project -- but Alan, naturally, is way ahead on that. We're designing and writing the book in a way that it can be done modularly, so whatever is ready by the 20th is what will be printed.

We'll have the printing done by some company or other, an Internet thing I can't recall the name of for the moment. Which is probably another good reason I'm not in charge. Dare I consider myself part of the creative, rather than the managerial, part of this project? I think I do.

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