Saturday, January 24, 2009

Da Book

Wow! Wow! All I can say is wow!

Uncharted takes another leap forward by self-publishing our first book, thanks to Click on the picture (or on the link here) to preview it. It's a self-published jobbie, obviously, done with the help of the folks at

The price -- just over $80 -- is kind of a shocker, especially for a 62-page book. We'll be working over the next few months on formats that will actually include more photos and stories from our wonderful website,, and actually be a bit cheaper. OK, a lot cheaper.

We published now in order to make a trademark deadline -- we had to have the book printed by the end of January in order to seal ourselves indelibly into the realm of book publishing with the Uncharted name. That meant, when we started designing the thing in mid-December, that we had to act quickly. We made the book go in a modular format, working on our central stories and only adding on additional stories and photos if we had the time. Our plan, as discussed earlier, is to keep adding to the book over the next few months before we do any big promotions on it.

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