Friday, March 12, 2010

Bear World Disappoints . . .

The free admission part was right, Just about everything else . . . well.

Went to Yellowstone Bear World today. Just got back, actually. My wife got an e-mail from them, inviting one and all to see Bears Everywhere! and to see the new bear cubs in their environment. So we went.

Their environment turned out to be the interior of a gift shop, where, for $15 a pop, you could hold a bear for a few seconds while somebody snapped a picture of you.


So we left. A little underwhelmed, a bit disappointed in their misleading advertising. Oh well. I take consolation in this:

Taken last year at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park. Now this is a bear in its natural environment which, if you'll look carefully, does NOT include moose and bear figurines, plastic snakes, moose wine bottle holders, nor bear fudge. Well, maybe the bear fudge, if you look on the ground. Tell me again that Yellowstone Bear World is the "best part" of any Yellowstone vacation.

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